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Benefits of Home Staging

What is Home Staging:

Staging is a form of design that neutralizes the home so that it appeals to the masses. We want your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible, regardless of individual style or taste.

Why Stage:

Staging sets a home apart from the competition. 15 seconds is how long a home in today’s competitive market has to connect with buyers.
Staging is always less then the 1st price reduction, it’s a smart investment for every home seller.

Stand Out Among Competitors

While the market isn’t as competitive as in years past, homeowners still find themselves up against neighboring homes on the market, including new construction. How will you differentiate a home from those other homes for sale? One way is to stage the space by playing on emotional connection points that will appeal to buyers and stand out in their minds when it’s time to make an offer. Consider this, if two identical homes were for sale on the same block at the same price, but one homeowner staged their space to showcase the potential lifestyle the buyer could have if they moved here, and the other home looked dirty, cluttered and poorly maintained, which home would the buyer choose? The Real Estate Staging Association National Statistics Report found, when staged first, the vast majority of homes spend less time on the market.​

Staged Homes Are Easier to Market

Once a home is staged, the space will look like a cover spread in a home magazine, so why not take advantage of the light, spacious, well-designed space created and photograph each room with a wide-angle lens to market the home. Over 90 percent of homebuyers start their search online, and photos of newly staged homes will not only attract buyers to information about the home, but to the front door. Here’s proof: How are you currently searching for a new home? Do photos determine your perception of the home? Would you go visit a home that had no pictures listed or had clutter center stage? Photos are just one way to easily market a home. With a staging plan in place, a seller will also have systems to keep the home looking like those online snapshots.

Tori Toth with realestate.usnews.com

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